Welcome to the Superordinate Database

The Superordinate Database is designed as a gateway to databases on reference material of major epidemic diseases, which were established within the framework of the EU network of excellence, EPIZONE. The Superordinate database gives an overview on available data, number of materials, participating institutes with their addresses, phone numbers, and websites. For more information on a selected item a contact button can be pressed, which leads you to a contact form.

After LOGIN links to the EPIZONE databases and other databases established by the partner institutes are accessible. The EPIZONE databases provide information on virus strains, serum samples, monoclonal antibodies, genetically modified material, specimens like tissue samples, urine samples, and nasal swabs, which are available at the partner institutes. They are sorted by disease name (see DISEASE section). In the GENERAL section pictures and movies of diseased animals, protocols on laboratory diagnosis, information on cell lines for virus culture, and a database for storing data on molecular epidemiology can be found.

For a short introduction and more information, please have a look at the help menu.